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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see the information you are looking for below, feel free to contact us by E-mailing or using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Do you accept insurance? 

We do not accept any form of insurance.  We provide you with a “super bill” at the end of each month with all of the codes, dates and tax ID information needed for you to submit yourself.  If you have out of network benefits, your insurance company can reimburse you directly.

Does my child need an assessment prior to starting therapy? 


If your child has had a recent assessment (in the past 6-12 months) an updated assessment is not required.  

What are your hours?  Our hours vary by day and by therapist.  Typically, we have therapists treating between 9-6 daily.  


How much do you charge and how do we pay? 


Sessions are $150 (55 minutes for office visits and 45 minutes for school/day care visits).  You are required to keep a credit card on file that is charged at the end of each month.


Do you have weekend availability? 


We do have therapists who treat on the weekends, however, those slots fill up quickly with limited availability.


How do I go about scheduling sessions? 


Please E-mail to check on scheduling and availability.


Do you have a waiting list?


 It depends on the time of day your child needs services.  After school hours are the busiest.  Morning and midday slots are easier to schedule.  


How do we enroll in Social Skills Groups?  


Before enrolling, your child needs a free 20 minute screening (often done virtually) to see if we have a group that might be a good fit.  


Are your sessions face to face or virtual?  


At this time, the vast majority of our sessions are in person.  However, we are still offering virtual sessions when appropriate.


What is parking like?  


We have onsite parking, however, as of July, 2022 the garage is under construction and unavailable.  We have spots rented up the street that are free for our clients. Click here for more information about where to park when visiting our office. Construction should be finished later this Fall.

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