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I just wanted to send a quick email to express our deep appreciation for all of the amazing work that you are doing with our 3 year old! We continue to notice SO much growth - it has been life changing for her and us. We really got to see it in action yesterday, when we had a family lunch with his grandparents and uncle. He was initiating and fully participating in a TON of conversations, telling jokes and asking a million questions.  He also taught his grandparents and uncle how to play Candy Land - this was his idea and he did it entirely on his own, playing (and winning, of course) a full game with them. All the social interactions were seamless and easy, to the point that our family members commented on how much he has grown, how easy he is to talk with now, and how much of a "little person" he is. I also had a woman pull me aside after she overheard him telling me about sea anemones at the aquarium to comment on how well-spoken and smart he is. He is doing great! Thank you again for all the awesome work you do!!!

Beth C worked with my daughter, when she was in elementary school. Her language disability and ADD seemed a huge hurdle. Beth's patience and help with her made a great difference in her education. She went on to complete many more years of schooling with accommodations. She is a real success story. She learned how to learn, and achieved success. She had a great college experience and chose to get an MBA. Her chosen career allows her to use her strongest skill- talking. Beth made a genuine contribution to her education and success.

Highly recommend Stepping Stones. Wonderful experience. Providers are highly skilled, enthusiastic and positive! My children, 13, 11 and 7 have all had a great experience with their therapist. All three have steadily progressed and happily attend their appointments.

Stepping Stones is first rate in therapy and customer service! I highly recommend them for your child.

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